Summer Camp My Son Loves

February 20, 2015
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I love video games and my fondness of video games began when I was still a kid. Unfortunately for me, my parents hate video games, which made me feel deprived of what I want. It because of this, I made a promise that I would be different from my parents. I would allow my kids to enjoy the world of video games.

Now that I am a parent, I let my kids have fun and enjoy being kids. And when my son told me that he wanted to attend Game Camp USA, I agreed and allowed him to attend this camp for kids. I believe video game camp is not bad. And it seemed like it was a good idea to send him. This is because he had a lot of fun at this camp. He was able to make new friends and met people who have similar interests. He also came back bringing with him lots of stories. Stories like the games they have played, the activities they enjoyed together and many other stories. He also mentioned having nice, friendly and accommodating counsellors.

But take note, this camp is not all about video gaming and such. They taught my son to create games, design software and do animation. I was really surprised when I first heard of this. This is definitely a good thing. My son wants to develop games and the things he could learn from this camp will be the stepping stones for his dream.

In my opinion, this camp is a unique one and kids would be able to enjoy not just video games and making friends but also learn things at the same time. No wonder, this is the favorite camp of my son.

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